Cidnay Hotel

Sidney Paul & Co met the international interior designer Francisco Neves of 5 Janelas, whilst launching their new collection of wonderful wallpapers in Frankfurt. They were excited to have Paradise Lost mural wallpaper selected for one of the three master deluxe suites in his new Portuguese Hotel. Francisco wanted to create a luxurious and indulgent space for his clientele. Accented with beautifully grained hardwood surfaces and elegant lighting all emphasise the dramatic three dimensional trompe l’oeil effect of this daring design. Paradise Lost, is a scenic wallpaper inspired by a classic 18th Century tropical landscape which adorns a monotone folding antique screen. A touch of glamour has been added with the bronze detailing at the top of the screen. This daring mural transports you to a luxurious Chateaux interior. Francisco Neves interior design.

The Cidnay Santo Tirso a charming hotel and executive centre. Extremely well located 20 minutes from the International Airport and the city of Porto. Santo Tirso offers the visitor an array of resources to visit such as the MIEC – International Museum of Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture, the Castro Monte Padrão, the São Bento Monastery (national monument), the Monte Córdova Metropolitan Park and the Termas das Caldas da Saúde. For the leisure enthusiast there is Vale do Pisão golf course, and the network of Leisure Parks. The hotel has 65 rooms and three contemporary and elegant suites, designed to provide maximum comfort in an experience that is unique. The perfect country retreat with a plethora on offer for those seeking both solace or adventure.

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